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Spilled water or liquid on your laptop ? Quickly switch it off, remove the power charger and battery immediately.
Long press power switch ( 4-5 seconds or more) to switch it off immediately, to avoid damage.
Do not try to dry it via regular home dryer, do not keep in sun light. Such actions may cause permanent damage to laptop motherboard and other laptop parts, making it too costly to fix it.
Some newer laptop models contains internal non-removal batteries. Just shut down the laptop immediately and visit us.
Never try to switch it on, unless all the liquid is completely dried after opening / disassembling the laptop.
Sometimes a very small liquid reaches at inner components and user is able to work on laptop but this causes motherboard damage after a few days.
At this stage the damage is generally bigger and mostly entire motherboard needs to be replaced which is very costly.
If you came across any such liquid spill, follow as suggested above and reach us without any delay.
We hope to fix it at very low cost at this stage.
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