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All data on a laptop or computer, is stored on hard disk or ssd.
There may be situations when laptop or computer does not start.
If the reason is hard disk failure or windows operating system and data is important,
then before fixing the problem, data recovery from hard disk is important.
There may be several reasons for hard disk or windows operating system failure but
data recovery from such situations, require special tools or techniques.
We do data recovery from such situations, at very affordable rates.
Due to various hard disk states, data recovery process require different times.
It may vary from few hours to several days.
Allow us some time to evaluate the situation. Then we will tell you exact cost of data recovery and will proceed accordingly.
No charge just for checking but we will need sufficient time atleast.
We assure you genuine items at very reasonable rates and friendly after sales support.
Nationwide satisfied customers since decades.
Acer, Apple, Asus, HP-Compaq, Dell, HCL, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba
and all other assembled and not listed here - Repair and parts, data recovery, for most brands from single point.
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